Services offered

At CyMark Largo we are passionate about data and extracting business value from information and we embrace technologies and methodologies to enhance value: Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, micro services architectures, graph database, data warehousing, event processing queues, big data, internet of things (IoT); as well as techniques in data capturing, analysis, transformation, presentation and many others.

Pulling it all together via integration and making sure it makes sense to you and deliver the required value is our aim.

Data Analysis and Integration

We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your current data sources and reporting, from which we provide a audit report that identifies gaps and opportunities. Integration and transformation effort can be estimated and key metrics and dasboard requirements identifed.

Some of services offered:

  • Identification and integration of data sources
  • Data modeling
  • Data warehouse design and implentation, or enchancement of existing data warehouses
  • ETL services
  • Data source management services: Ensuring all data is received integrated
  • Identification of key metrics and trends for tracking
  • Data dril downs and analyis services
  • Alerting and threshold management
  • Asset Registers: Any type of asset with logged change tracking
  • Inventory control as and output of data integration and tracking
  • Identification of savings opportunities

Data Processing Services

We have extensive experience with parsing and processing large data sets. In the some domains we process millions of records per day.


  • Parsing of raw data into database or datastreams
  • Extract, Translate, Load services
  • Data Warehouse
  • Graph Database implementation for relationship analysis
  • Application of Tariffs to event data. Identifying cost based metrics.
  • Provide Web Services and API access to processed data from any tool and for any tool
  • Business Intelligence Reporting on data sets
  • Provide data input to applications like Power BI, Qlikview, Tableau, Talend and Sisense
  • Provide input to SAP or other ERPM Systems
  • Research data processing and integration
  • Extract data from IoT streams - we don't supply IoT solutions per se, but we work with IoT vendors


Our Web applications normally integrates with a Database backend. Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL are the preferred data repositories. We provide a Web portal or APIs for access to your information providing functionality that enables you to interact with your data in a meaningful way. We have Azure deployments and data/development experience.

Previous Projects

  • Telephone Expense Aggregation
  • Maintenance Management System
  • Job Card System
  • Education Content Management System
  • Billing System
  • Parsing Services

Focus Area

CyMark Largo does not offer products per se for purchase, but rather work with organisations to identify data management needs. This may translate in a new product / service being developed, or it may just be a matter of data integration and dashboard reporting.

There are some of our previous products that can be costomised for your use.