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Data and Expense Management Services

Today organisations rely on many forms of communications of which Telephone Systems are still the main and most expensive component. Telephone related expenses are still the second or third largest expense for most organisations. To control this cost effectively a solid understanding and rigorous management of the Voice Services environment is required. You will be surprised by the savings that can be realised with an effective Telecommunication Expense Management solution.

Data Source Integration from all parts of the organisation and outside to provide a single source or truth for Business Intelligence tools to extract the information you require to manage your business effectively. Data sources like printing data, energy consumption, access control, SAP data, asset tracking, billing registers and any other transactional and meta data combined and analysed into tracking metrics can have a large impact on improving business efficiency and effectiveness.

TEM workflow
TEM workflow


Gain Visisbility of your Invoices and the costs charged. See how the costs change over time and where your cost drivers are.


Analysis of Usage, Infrastructure and other invoice charges like interest, discounts and adjustments give you insight into your expense patterns.

Cost Savings

Identify areas where expenses can be reduces or elimiated. Redundant infrastructure and discontinued services that never got removed from the invoices are examples of savings that can be achieved.

Turn your Information into Power!

CyMark Largo Services have passion for Data and Expense Management. We know how important data management is. We understand the power that is locked-up in you organisationā€˜s information. You can get a competitive edge by understanding your data, manage your expenses more effectively and get quality business intelligence.