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Data Visualisation and Management Services

Today organisations are overwhelmed with many data sources from all areas in the organisation. Data sources can be in many forms: Invoices, consumption sources, mobile bills, alarms, events, IoT data streams, MRP data, Active Directory, system logs and many more.

How to make sense report and make decisions with this flood of data? Traditionally organisations data sources have been treated in silos. Organisations that want to unlock the power hidden in the integration and interpretation of all their data streams will have an advantage of more accurate information that can be extrapolated into the future to enable sound decision making.

Integration of all data sources and extracting value is no mean feat. Abstraction, modelling, warehousing, transformation, aggregation and many other activities are required. Those organisations that can do this well will have an advantage.




Gain Visibility of all your data. Aggregate and abstract your information in ways that delivers the most value. Identify and track key metrics that will steer your business the right direction.


Drill down to analyse and detect causes for behaviour of any metrics or trends. Set alerts and thresholds to manage by exception. Discover relationships that was not visible before.

Cost Saving

Identify areas where expenses can be reduces or eliminated. Execute plans and track cost impact. Proper predictive models can substantially impact costs.

Turn you Information into Power

CyMark Largo Services have a passion for data management and system development and integration. We analyse design and implement data orientated projects and services. We also provide management services to meet your needs, whether it is your own data management and systems, or newly developed and integrated systems.